Principal's Message

I feel highly privileged when I see myself engaged in the world’s most important 
work i.e. building the nation because we know that “the teachers are the nation builders”. We can really touch the hearts of our students and change their lives. I, along with a team of very hard working teachers have dedicated myself for ‘empowering lives’ and ‘transforming future’.

As we have already begun with our new academic year our hearts are filled with gratitude for all the blessings and gigantic achievements that the Almighty God has poured on us. We were in the News Papers throughout the year and our school students have touched the heights of success in the field of education and the co-curricular activities. Its only His blessings that make us one of the best in school education.

In this new session also we have much more exciting educational programmes to be performed with the team of extraordinary and very dynamic teachers and very co-operative and supportive students.

Also we are highly thankful to the parents of our students for their co-operation and contribution for the smooth functioning of the school.

We hope to bring a difference as we join hands together for the betterment of the school and the children of our society.