Music, dancing, drawing and painting are as important to the children as the three R’s (reading, Writing, Arithmetic). The instruction and teaching in these fields is such that the children will grow upto appreciate the finer aspects of life and be proud of rich and varied Indian heritage.

          Drawing and painting classes focus on self expression, while the children are given basic guidelines in the particular art. By exposing the child to these arts the child is given a chance to exercise his originality and creativity. This in turn helps the development of his self confidence.

          The school has Physical Training Instructors for Physical and Health Education apart from Work Experience and General studies Classes for Secondary/Senior Secondary students.


          ASSEMBLY is held in the open air where children learn to pray and take their pledge.

          EXERCISE & GAMES Every child is expected to participate in games, exercise and gymnastics, Exemptions are allowed only on providing medical certificates.

          CLASS ROOM ACTIVITIES vary from class to class dealing with oral work, writer, work, painting, singing, dancing, hand work & stories, Higher class students are engaged in projects and other activities.

          OTHER ACTIVITIES Within the school premises we have magic show and puppet show from time to time. Other activities in which the children are encouraged to participate are Annual Concert, Drill Display, Floral Arrangement, Craft Competition, Elocution Contest, Painting Competition etc.


          Regular height and weight record is maintained for each child. Periodical physical examinations (atleast once year) are conducted in the school by child specialist Dr. Hameeda Tariq, DCH, MD (Paediatrics). If a child is not upto the mark in physical fitness or cleanliness e.g. having lice in hair or skin rashes etc.,